SFOpen is using the new O2CM...

Mar 23, 2006
Dear Dancers,
This year The San Francisco Open will be the first NDCA competition to use a new registration and scoring system known as O2CM (Online*Onsite Competition Management). This computer system is designed to improve the communications between Registration, Deck Captain, Emcee, Scrutineer and Judges. This system has been successfully used at many major amateur events over the last 1.5 years.
How it works -
As the competitor signs in at the registration station, the Deck Captain, Emcee and Scrutineer are updated on their presence. The Deck Captain checks in the competitors in using a Pocket PC, letting the Emcee and Scrutineer know when all competitors are ready to dance an event. All our judges will carry Pocket PC?s to enter their marks. As the music starts, competitor numbers are transmitted to the Judges Pocket PC. When the Judge is finished, results are instantaneously transmitted to our scrutineer and calculated. The final placement is immediately posted for the Emcee to read on his computer. Complete scrutineer sheets will be posted on www.o2cm.com/results immediately following the event.