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Dear Friends,

The Organisers of the Ball at the SFOpen have had to make the difficult decision to CANCEL this years event. Once again due to the present climate of Covid-19 situation and by order of the San Mateo health department we have been forced to CANCEL our event.

Like our fellow Organisers around the United States,the safety of all the dancers attending are our utmost importance. We are truly disappointed to not be able to host everyone planning to attend this year but with the severity of this virus spreading and the possibility of even more severe mandatory shut downs we feel all attendees should be giving the earliest notice.

We are sorry and apologize to those who had planned to attend, we appreciate your participation, and will be contacting you over the next few days to refund everyone in full. 

We look forward to hosting all of you for the 2021 Ball at the SFOpen, in the meantime we encourage everyone to stay safe.


Colin Stephan Denise.